Tecnomec Engineering develops solutions, products and services according to Clients’demands and needs, in the field of Oil & Gas sector, Petrochemical & Power-Generation Industry.

Since 1997

Tecnomec Engineering has been working in the field of construction and erection of industrial plants, overseeing projects from their design and fabrication to installation and start up.
Tecnomec activities have been continuously focused on customer satisfaction and improving quality standards. The future guidelines will include the most advanced technologies, environmental sensitivity and safeguarding, and the adoption of measures aimed at reducing or eliminating risk or hazardous conditions.
By working with international customers, leaders in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Off- Shore and Pharmaceutical, the company has acquired high technological and methodological standards. With the desire to maintain our already high levels and to further improve them,

we are highly focused on quality, safety and the environment. On the one hand, our existing technical and management skills guarantee reliability in project execution and flexibility, but on the other hand, the main factors for the development and continuity of the business are based on advanced technologies and attention to the market’s needs. The Martino family’s enterprise activity, in the Industrial Plant sector, as Tecnomec Engineering, is based on a new product strategy. This initiative represents the opportunity to review the company’s value, focalising managerial and organisational skills gained from the presence of many years in the plant engineering field. The company strategy aims to take up the challenge of a rapidly changing market due to technological innovation. Tecnomec Engineering is a market oriented company which aims for customer satisfaction.

Company Shareholders
Dott.ssa Laura Martino
Arch. Biagio Alessandro Martino

Sole Director
Ing. Giuseppe Antonio D’Alessandro

Carlo Maria Martino
The Founder


For biggest pieces, Tecnomec generally makes the final assembly operations and tests on the Tecnomec yard, that is equipped with facilities and suitable lifting means based on job requirements. In some cases we used a barge to manage heavy transportations.
At the moment Tecnomec can build modules up to 20 meters of height thanks to cranes up to 650 tons. On request it’s possible also evaluate bigger cranes. Tecnomec yard has an area of about 20.000 sqm. It has a quay of 50 m with a depth of 8 m.