This field, which started as an integrated part of the plant sector, has become more and more independent, exploiting the synergies among the various company activities. Our engineering department executes construction and detail design in order to offer a complete service which considers procurement, prefabrication and erection phases. The department also provides technical support for the sites when complicated issues need to be solved. Design is developed by qualified staff in accordance with the relevant normatives and modern technologies.

Thanks to 3D software, Tecnomec can streamlines and accelerates the product development process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment. Besides, 3D software provides complete solution from CAM to CNC controller. In this way it is easy improve manufacturing productivity, including:
◆ Reduce NC programming and machining time
◆ Produce better quality parts
◆ Maximize use of manufacturing resources


Erection Sulphur Recovery Unit
Production workshop: Taranto plant
Job: 06_738
Customer: Siirtec Nigi S.p.A., Milan, Italy
End user: Dung Quat Refinery, Vietnam
Destination site: Dung Quat, Vietnam



The Tecnomec Engineering workshop is provided with
several pieces of equipment, which, along with highly
specialised construction and erection personnel, allows
it to carry out all types of mechanical work.
WELDING PROCESSES GTAW (manual/automatic)

◆ X-rays (carried out by external companies)
◆ Ultrasonic Examination
◆ Dye penetrant-test
◆ Magnetic particle-test
◆ Hydrostatic and pneumatic test
◆ Vacuum test
◆ Air test
◆ Freon/Helium test
◆ NH3 test
◆ Ferrite Measurement

General Equipment

Plants: Grumo, Taranto and Massa
20 Telescopic cranes
from 15 to 170 tons

2 Cranes ORMIG
(capacity 40/45 tons)

12 Aerial platforms
(max height 43 mt)

6 Telehandlers
(40,000 kg – 17 mt)

25 Forklifts
(diesel and electrical)

7 Trucks

3 Low loaders

1 Semitrailer “Cometto”
(capacity 100 tons)

Blasting and Painting

Painting cycles according to international standards and directives
Tecnomec makes shot blasting and painting phases at its own premises.
There is a separate plant, but in the same area, where these processes are undertaken without any external support.